for I Asked the Lord (2012)

"I am sitting here listening to "Great is Thy Faithfulness" with tears of sadness and great joy. As we received the cancer diagnosis, as I cared for Don during the last two months of his life and being there when God took him from me God's faithfulness was my stronghold. I was depleted .... but I could cling to the faithfulness of a merciful and gracious God. During the past year of grief and joy it was His unchanging faithfulness that encouraged my heart. Mary Margaret, you have sung this beautifully and today was a day that I needed to hear this message. Thank you and may God continue to bless you with beautiful music, song, and words!" -HSH Grand Rapids, Michigan

"I am not religious in any way but this woman has a BEAUTIFUL voice! Keep singing!"  -Eric Schaertl, United States Army

for Upon a Winter Night (2011)

"Song is God’s gift and command. Even at the dawn of creation, the angels sang God’s praises, and they sang His glories again at the birth of His Son. One of the first effects of our redemption in Christ is that we sing of our Savior, and He will ever be our strength and our song. Christians should sing in response to God's saving work, to rejoice in Him, to retain His truth, and to reflect His glory. God has given Mary Margaret May both a heart and a voice to declare His glory. The soaring beauty of her soprano tones will lift your spirits with these classic Christmas songs."  --Dr. Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"If you're looking for beautiful, traditional Christmas songs to warm your heart during this Christmas season, you need to buy this album! Mary Margaret has an amazing voice, and she flawlessly delivers these well-cherished songs that remind us of the true reason of Christmas. You won't be disappointed. Mary Margaret, thanks for blessing us with your voice!" --(Anonymous Amazon.com reviewer)

"You really have a beautiful voice." --Chris Larson, President, Ligonier Ministries, Sanford, Florida

"Thank you for such a beautiful, inspiring and moving performance. You are a Mississippi treasure with a golden voice and a beautiful, sweet spirit." --Linda Bynum, Executive Director, Ridgeland Chamber of Commerce

"Mary Margaret May's Upon a Winter Night recalls all the precious holidays I spent with my mother decorating the tree and listening to angelic songs of the season which she adored so much. It is classic Christmas music." --Deg Ronilo, Off-Square Books Oxford, MS
"...there is something completely worshipful in Mary Margaret's style - her own relationship with the Lord Jesus is communicated in the heartfelt lyrics and her masterful delivery..."--Marilynn Tinnin, Editor, Metro Christian Living

"Mary Margaret, the Christmas CD is exquisite! I love the instrumentation and your voice sounds great! I can't pick a favorite track just yet, but I really like what you did with 'In the Bleak Midwinter.'" --SM, Oklahoma

"I just downloaded your CD from itunes and can't wait to listen to it. I previewed "Once in Royal David's City" and it was just beautiful." --JMD, Oklahoma

"Your voice is pure and gorgeous." --TEW

"Such a great album!!! Loving it!!!" --SB, Mississippi

for In The Shadow of Thy Wing (2010)

"Mary Margaret May has been one of my best students since my arrival at MC in 2008.  I became Mary Margaret's voice teacher during her junior year at MC, and since then, have seen her mature into an excellent singer and a professional musician in both the classical and musical theatre genres.  She has always committed herself completely to her work whether that be the musical production she is in at the moment, the opera scene she is preparing for, or her solo for Sundays at her church.  One of Mary Margaret's signature trademarks is the total commitment of self to ALL that she is involved in.  I believe that the release of her cd is a direct result of all of the hard work and growth she experienced through her undergraduate years at MC.  The album is a collection of sacred songs that combines May's spiritual convictions with her sound knowledge of vocal technique and expression.  I think this is the first successful project of many to come, and I am proud to have played a small part in helping her to this point in her career." --Dr. Kristen Johnson, Professor of Voice, Mississippi College

"I thought and felt your music had a 'sweet' sound to it and a calming effect.  In my business, that is a good thing." --Richard Noble, President of the Ole Miss Alumni Association 

"Rossini once quipped, "Opera is three things: voice, voice, and voice." Though it would be idiotically arrogant for me to presume to take issue with the great Maestro's assessment, my own experience -- both good and bad -- has inclined me towards a somewhat broader description of what constitutes beautiful singing. In our day, as in ages past, great voices are a dime per dozen, but a great artist is a rare find, indeed. No vocal instrument, regardless of how beautiful it may be, will ever surpass the quality of the musical imagination driving it. No voice will penetrate more deeply into a listener's soul than the depths of its own origin in the soul of the artist. No singer will convey the ineffable synthesis of word and note unless she first has communicated with the poet, with the composer, and even with her prospective audience. When Mary Margaret May sings, the young soprano serves up a musical feast seasoned with these three essential but exceptional qualities...not to mention the fact that she also delivers Rossini's prescribed triple-helping of voice!" --Patrick Perkins, Minister of Music, First Presbyterian Church, Yazoo, Mississippi

"Last week when I was feeling down I started listening to your songs and sure enough, every time I listened I felt SO much better. Your music is amazing and really made my heart so content. I'm going to buy your album and put it on my ipod so I can listen to it every day. I can't believe I dont have it already!! But I just had to tell you that. You are so blessed and have such an amazing voice and I feel so lucky to call you my friend because you're a truly amazing person. I can't wait to hear your Christmas album!" --CA, Virginia

"You hit the ball out of the park with 'Amazing Grace'!" --Chuck Van Laar, Focus on the Family
"Mary Margaret it is so fun to see you honor the Lord and in doing so He is honoring you - because in the end you are there to bring Him glory.  And I believe you will because that is your posture.  Thankful for you." --AD, Mississippi
"Just heard you on Pandora sing Pie Jesu from your "In the Shadow of Thy Wing". You have a truly beautiful voice. Keep Praising Him." MH, Virginia
"I just want you to know you have blessed my heart.  I received my CD in the mail this week, and today traveling I played it over and over.  I played 'Amazing Grace' and 'Power of the Cross' and would sing with you.  I am so thrilled you are doing so well.  God bless you!" - KP, Mississippi
"Loved your website and your beautiful singing voice!" – JA, Virginia
"Your voice on your CD is fantastic!" – DA
"Your CD sounds awesome! So happy for you!" – KA
"Your CD sounds wonderful!!!" – CA
"Oh my Gosh! I just previewed your songs online and they are amazing! Really awesome!" – CS
"Ummm so I've already booked you to sing at my wedding festivities whenever those might be....Hahaha AND any other party I might have so keep your calendar open. I love you to pieces and your voice ;)" – LB
"How does that strong, beautiful voice come out of that itty bitty body. Unreal. Soooooo impressed." – SS
"I found your website last night, and this morning I let it loop as I got ready. I've memorized 30 seconds of each of your songs, haha!! SO PROUD OF YOU!!! You have come so far and are such a beautiful woman inside and out and are an inspiration to me! I love you, and I pray blessings upon this CD!" – LH
"I am extremely proud of you for going out and making your dreams happen!" – EP
"I have only one thing to say... A star is born, hallelujah." – SD, Belgium
"Just downloaded your album. Oh my, indescribable! Your voice is simply beautiful!!!! Best of luck with your career!" – TW
"Your website is wonderful MM! You are a superstar! :) I am so excited for you!!" – JN
"Congratulations, your voice and album are both beautiful expressions of your love for God and I am very happy for your accomplishments. I know your family must be very proud, especially your Dad!" – MW
"Surely the archangels will approve of both the vocal talent and choice of hymns on this debut work by Mary Margaret May. You will want to share this with family, fellow church members, music lovers, and neighbors. It would be a wonderful gift at Christmas or for any occasion. Brava!" – SB, Mississippi
"Congratulations Mary Margaret! Your website looks fantastic, and the music is beautiful. It's all so fitting for such a fine young woman as you! God bless and good luck as you continue!" – MC